Coparcel is a real estate investing platform enabling individuals to access investment opportunities currently reserved to professional investors and to promote the development of projects across the country that will help build better cities.

Convinced of the tremendous growth promised to the collective financing model through internet and the exponential growth of social networks, Coparcel wishes to take its place in the construction of tomorrow’s economic models, replacing collective intelligence at the service of sustainable economic development, with a mission to enable private investors to fund collectively qualified projects to help them grow. We believe in Tailored Places, Smart Buildings, and Collaborative Economies.

Our members are individuals concerned with the quality of their investment and have a motivation for an entrepreneurial experience. They are socially responsible investors and have a concern for the development of their city, town or neighborhood.

Why invest with Coparcel?

Coparcel gives you access to more transparent investment opportunities. With Coparcel, you have the ability to invest in real estate projects of your choice. We have created a type of investment adapted to your expectations and investment capacity.

Investing with Coparcel is fairly easy, but each investment is likely going to create a multi-year relationship. We work with Venture.co Brokerage Services LLC, a registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC to help the process work smoothly. Venture.co’s TXCAT technology offers streamlined process to facilitate investment including online e-signatures, funds transfer and communication tools. There are no fees for investors to create an account and review the offerings.

Once we verify who you are and help you decipher what investments might be appropriate for you, we collect—and protect—your bank account information to draw the funds into an escrow account that can’t be touched until all of the necessary deal hurdles are met for each investment. You are under no obligation to invest until a deal closes. The closing happens when enough money has been raised, and a company seeking investments decides there are adequate funds to accomplish the work it told investors it was going to do with their money.

Our online discussion forum enables transparent communication with the issuers (real estate developers) or us as the intermediary. Use the forum to your advantage and ask questions about any company you may be interested in investing in. Remember, investing can be a team sport – leverage the questions of others to gain unique insights and share web links with friends to market businesses you’re passionate about and bring fellow investors to the table.

Your “Investment Dashboard” will contain a card for each investment you have completed or started the process. On these cards, you will be able to see how close a company is to reaching their goal. You can also view how close they are to achieving the desired investment on their company profile beneath “About the Raise” as a status bar indicator.

Coparcel does not manage investor relations post-closing (after the capital is raised). Each offering sponsor (real estate developer) is responsible for investor reporting and communications after raising capital. Typically, a third-party Administrator is hired by the sponsor to provide ongoing accounting and reporting to investors, including distributions, financial statements, K-1s  and other general correspondence,  through online technology, accessible from the sponsor’s website.

Risks of investing

Before any investment goes live on the Coparcel platform, Coparcel and its affiliates use their collective expertise to uncover as many risks as possible to help investors plug their investments into their overall portfolios. Coparcel’s purpose is to make sure that investors know the kind of projects they are investing in to decide if the possibility, but not the guarantee of profit are worthy of investors’ money. It is for investors to decide for themselves if the possible returns are high enough and the projects’ purposes worthy.

Coparcel AND Venture.co and its affiliate DO NOT guarantee investments or the timeframes of any possible returns. Your money could be locked up in a project for years, and you could lose it all if the project does not ultimately produce enough revenue to pay you back. Investing in these types of projects directly can lead to a total loss, and you should only invest if you can afford to lose everything you put into a project.

Each project that you might invest in will have its own risks, which you should explore and understand in the disclosure documents that Coparcel provides to you. If you invest with Coparcel, you will encounter risks related to a project physically, financially, economically, legally, and socially, among others.

Coparcel AND Venture.co and its affiliate take certain steps to minimize the risk of fraud. We reserve the right to not approve any company that signs up for our platform and we do our best to audit the validity of each company, however this should never replace your personally conducted investigation. It is important for investors to conduct their own investigations into the company: read all the necessary business documents, the offering memorandum, and the subscription agreement; review the financial statements and cap table; leadership and advisor bios; and communicate with the issuers when questions arise. Peruse the company’s website and social media platforms to get a sense of their social traction. Check out the founders on LinkedIn and ask for references.

While we believe in supporting real estate developers, losing your entire investment is a very real possibility. The SEC attempts to limit the amount someone can invest according to their income which are designed to prevent investors from putting financial strain on themselves as a result of investing too much. Essentially, you should have enough financial resources so that in the event of a completely failed investment, your lifestyle will not be affected in any way. Invest only what you’re willing to lose and do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Why real estate developers are using Coparcel?

Developers seeking to raise cash for projects have multiple options, but they each come with trade-offs. The issues can range from higher costs of capital to giving up excessive rights, along with varying degrees of regulation of the sales and issuance process depending on the source of the funds.

Improvements in technology facilitate interactions with investors and help developers grow their network.

Coparcel platform offers a streamlined process to manage investments including clean and simple tools for accreditation, KYC, AML, Online e-signature, funds transfer and communication tools. To a certain extent, developers can rely on Coparcel for investment management and outsource most of investor relations.

Transparency & Ease of Use help developers win the loyalty of their investors. Coparcel also helps developers demonstrate their engagement/involvement with the community

A Quick Hello

Hi. I’m Laurent Bouzelmat, the founder and CEO of Coparcel.

My background is in construction engineering. My passion lies in building buildings and building relationships. I spent the first part of my career as an engineer overseeing many aspects of the construction of large structures in different locations around the world. I’m a French national and have worked in many interesting places on earth, from Siberia to Cuba. I now call bustling and dynamic Somerville, Massachusetts home.

In addition to my prior engineering life, I am also a small-plane pilot. That experience has taught me that before you set out on any adventure that you should meticulously cover as many issues as you can imagine, and as many as other people will share with you from their own experience. We understand that the perfect plan can get blown off course by circumstances no one can predict. You start with checklists and then adapt, adapt, adapt. Real estate development is similar in that regard.

I entered the securities crowdfunding conversation early with a lot of Coparcel’s competitors. We all shared ideals about democratizing investing and transforming communities with interesting projects and literal buy-in. But the business has remained tough, even with more open laws.

Coparcel is built differently than most other portals. We are a dynamic investment marketplace serving as an investment bank that helps finance community building with the communities themselves. We built the business this way because not only are individual investors underserved by the development community, but also because developers haven’t had very good options to raise capital for medium-sized buildings and projects. Previously, they could fund small projects themselves, and only large investors could really get larger projects off the ground. Consider how different our cities would be today if we could have more actively engaged in $2-million to $20-million projects. With crowdfunding and Coparcel, big changes are coming.

Now is the time to begin building our future together. We hope you’ll read on to learn more about what we’re doing and why—and how you can join us.

—Laurent Bouzelmat

Laurent Bouzelmat

Founder and President of Coparcel, Inc

FINRA Series 7 & 63


Contact Laurent

Laurent Bouzelmat founded Coparcel with the mission to place collective intelligence at the heart of sustainable real estate development. Inspired by the potential of crowdfunding, Laurent is committed to bridging the gap between responsible developers and dedicated residents seeking positive change in their communities. By creating a self-directed platform for individuals to invest in projects typically reserved for professional investors, Laurent has redefined the terms of real estate financing by harnessing the power of the collective. A French native turned Boston local, Laurent has over a decade of experience in the construction industry. For the last two years, he has collaborated directly with the pioneers of the crowdfunding industry and members of the FINRA, SEC, and NASAA to build a better and stronger industry.

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